You will find below answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to reach out to our friendly support team if you have any questions not answered below.


Are you a patient having issues with sample collection?

Please call us on 02 8955 1480. We’re more than happy to offer assistance.

Can I stock the kits and have the blood requisition forms on hand?

Usually for administrative reasons this is not possible as we need to be able to track samples. Concessions can be made by request.

How do I open an account with FHS?

You can register online by clicking on “Register” button above and filling in your details. Once you have submitted your registration we will be notified and will approve your account. Once approved you will receive an email at which time you can login and start using your account.

My account logins don't work

Please select Login tab, click on “lost password” and follow the prompts to have a new password automatically generated and sent to your email. Use this new password and email address to login. For further issues please contact us at

When is the lab open?

9.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

Who can open an account with FHS?

Registered health practitioners and student practitioners.

Can I get results over the phone?

An easy to use online portal is used to upload all pateint results & reports.

Are my credit card details safe?

Yes, they are encrypted and securely transmitted to our gateway provider (Australia’s largest gateway provider) by an SSL certificate.

When will results be uploaded to the practitioner portal

Please check the specific test page for turn around times.

How will I know if the sample has been received?

A notification email is sent to you when the sample is received.

I tried to cancel my order but I'm not sure if I was charged?

Please contact us – Email: or Phone: 02 8599 1480

How do I access my patient results?

Once you login, a new menu called PRACTITIONER AREA will appear for you. Hover over that and then select Results to see you patients’ uploaded results.

Where do my patients go to get their blood drawn?

For all blood draws, Functional Health Screening have a blood draw arrangement with QML, Laverty, Dorevitch, Abbott and Western Diagnostic Pathology.

Click here to see all Blood Draw locations

What happens if the draw centre doesn't know what to do with the blood draw form?

Please advise that FHS has an Australia-wide commercial account with the SDS blood draw centres and they can call FHS for clarity.

What happens once I have paid for a test and ordered it for my patinet?

All relevant forms and kits are immediately sent to your patient for completion.

How do I order a test for a patient through the online portal?

1. You login to your practitioner account at
2. Click on Login
3. Navigate to cart & select the profiles, panels, or packages you wish to order.
4. Confirm your details are correct
5. Fill in your patients details
6. Enter your credit card details – the first time you order you will need to enter the credit card you wish to use ongoing for patient orders as this will be the credit card that is recorded and saved in your account for all future patient orders.
7. You can then charge your patient for the tests.
8. We post out the test kits and test information to your client including information on how to have their blood drawn if needed when we receive the paid order.
9. We will have the patient results uploaded as PDF files into your practitioner portal.