24 Hour Urinary Iodine Load Test


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– Without iodine the thyroid cannot work properly  – the thyroid influences every cell in the body and 98% of the western population is iodine deficient
– Iodine deficiency has been related to breast cancer
– Iodine helps prevent lumps and cysts (PCOS, breast lumps, thyroid nodules/lumps)
– Iodine is involved with every hormone in the body. There are lots of iodine receptor sites on the ovaries, breasts and thyroid in particular
– Iodine works in the body to kill parasites, fungal and yeast overgrowth much as it does when you use it on your skin for infections of any type
– Iodine helps to detox the other damaging halides (bromide, fluoride, chloride) and heavy metals like mercury and cadmium
– Iodine increases stomach acid which in turn helps you to digest your protein better and kill off bacteria entering your body through your oral passage, helping with gas and bloating
– Iodine helps the utilisation of sugar in the body for fuel, including in the brain, therefore increasing brain function, cognitive function and energy levels
– Every hormone in the body needs iodine
– It helps the cell to differentiate and is the most influential nutrient on apoptosis